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Building Features

  • Paint-Standard Paint is $1.00/S.F.
  • Paint-Custom Paint is $1.50/S.F.
  • 18"x 24" Loft Windows - $95.00
  • 24"x 36" Single Pane Windows  - $125.00
  • 36"x 36" Single Pane Windows - $175.00
  • 18"x 24" Loft Double Pane Windows - $195.00
  • 24"x 36" Double Pane Windows - $295.00
  • 36"x 36" Double Pane Windows - $355.00
  • 36" Solid Metal Door - $300.00
  • 36" 9 Lite Metal Door - $350.00
  • 36" or 48" Barn Door - $150.00
  • 6' Roll Up Door - $550.00
  • 8' Roll Up Door - $625.00
  • 9' Roll Up Door - $725.00
  • 4' Wide Ramp - $195.00
  • 6' Wide Ramp - $275.00
  • 9' Wide Ramp - $375.00
  • Partition Wall - $150 - $350
  • 2 x 6 Wall Studs - $65.00/L.F.
  • Floor/Flat Ceiling Foam Insulation - $3.00/SQ.FT.
  • Roof/A-Frame Foam Insulation With End Walls - $45.00/L.F. 
  • Roof/Barn Style Foam Insulation With End Walls - $70.00/L.F.
  • A-Frame Tall Wall Foam Insulation - $70.00/L.F. 
  • Barn Style Short Wall Foam Insulation- $60.00/L.F. 
  • Reflective Roof Insulation: Sound Proof, Fire Rated(Class 1), Moisture, Radiant (97% effective) and Vapor Barriers.
    • Barn Style Roof - $27/L.F.
    • A-Frame Style Roof - $23/L.F.
  • Shelving - $12.00/L.F.                         
  • Work Bench - $18.00/L.F.
  • Engineered Drawings - $100-$175
Note: LF = Linear Foot; S.F.=Square Foot.
  • The flooring is CDX tongue & Groove plywood 4' x 8' X 5/8".
  • Flooring insulation can only be installed during the building process.
  • The standard lofted floors are made of ½" Plywood. Standard Lofted Barn Building lofts 12' to 20' long have (2) 4' wide lofts & 24' through 40' long get (2) 8' lofts.
  • The floor joist are 2"x 6"x 16" on center (O.C.), except for 8' wide buildings, which are 2"x 4", 16" O.C. and the Garages are 2"x 6"x 12" (O.C.).
  • 2"x 6"x 16" on center floor joist
  • Skids and exposed floor joist are pressure treated for ground contact.
  • 20 Year 29 Gage Metal Roofing - we offer brown, red, or green for colors. Any other colors will have to be specially ordered.
  • Standard metal roofing 20 year, 29 GA, metal roofing attaches to CDX ½ plywood roofing. Optional 40 year.
  • The roof trusses are 2"x 6" & 24" on center (O.C.). Optional hurricane Tie downs. Optional: 16" O.C.
  • 2"x 4"x 24" on center roof trusses
  • Standard windows are single pane. We can supply optional duel pane windows.
  • 18"x 24" loft windows are available for the Gambrel Roofed buildings. 36"x 36" windows are also optional.
  • Free delivery and setup within a 30-mile radius from Fallon or the closest dealer or lot. An additional $4 fee per mile is required beyond the 30-mile radius. 14' wide buildings require a $2 pilot car fee per mile from Fallon, NV to the delivery site. 
  • All A-Frame style buildings come standard with tall walls. (88 5/8" studs) 75" studs available on request.
  • The wall studs are 2"x 4" & 16" on center (O.C). Double studs every 4'. Optional 2"x 6"studs.
  • 2"x 4"x 16" on center studs
  • The Runners that support the buildings are 4"x6" pressure treated for ground contact.
  • The siding is T-111 Fir with grooves 8" or 4" on center or the customer can also order 8" on center 50 year Smartsiding which is paintable.
  • Stain is Olympic semi-transparent Cedar Natural Tone, Toner. Manufacturers warranting is 4 years on the deck and 6 years on the siding.
  • The Lofted Barn Cabins and Cabins come with (3) 24"x 36" windows and (1) 36" 9 lite metal door.
  • The Lofted Barn, Side Utility Shed and Side Lofted Barns each come with (2) 24"x 36" windows.
  • 8' wide Buildings come with (1) 48" wide barn door. All other sizes come with (2) 36" wide barn doors.
  • The Garage comes with (1) 8' or 9' wide roll up door, (1) 36" solid metal door and (1) 24"x 36" window.
  • 2"x 6"x 12" on center for all Garages
  • The Garden Shed comes with (1) 24"x 36" window.
  • Siding is made from Premium Fir Plywood
  • Unfinished Fir Siding, Decking and Trim is treated with Olympic Cedar Natural Toner with a 6-year Warranty on Siding/Trim and 4 years on the Decking
  • Paintable buildings available using Smart Siding
  • Keyed Locks on all the doors.
  • 12' Wide are measured across the eaves due to D.O.T. Regulations. 8' & 10' wide buildings are measured from the outside corners.
  • Credit Card price is 3% more.
  • Shelving are $12.00/Foot using 2 X 4 & OSB
  • Work Bench $18.00/Foot using 2 X 6
  • 14' Wide buildings are also available


"We are a non-profit organization that reached out to Out West and offered a great deal on a storage unit. Their delivery date was on time and the delivery guy was very helpful in dropping the unit off in a very tight place. Thanks guys."

Jedidiah Olson

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