Frequently asked questions & answers about our buildings

The initial payment are applied to the 35th and 36th payment, which are the last payments of the 36-month contract.

There are no prepayment penalties. At any time after your initial (2) rent payments have been made you can pay off the balance. You only are charged the “Lease Fee” for the months or any part of a month prior to paying the balance (termination) of your contract.

Yes, We can insulate the Floors, Trusses, Walls and the Soffit’s with R-Values which will meet the housing codes.

All of “Out West Buildings” standard buildings are rated for 120 MPH wind speeds. We highly recommend securing the building with tie downs.

The deposit will be returned to the lessor after successful final termination of the agreement has been met, barring and fee’s that might have to be addressed.

Out West Buildings offers a 5-year Structural Warranty.

Out West Buildings, LLC is a partnership which started in April 2015. One of the partners comes from a family that has been building these same buildings for decades, they have over 70 years of combined experience.

When opened completely, the height of the opening for the garage and lofted garage model is 80″.

To initiate the RTO agreement (Contract) you will need to pay (2) month’s rent plus the tax for those (2) month’s in the county where the building will be delivered and a security payment. If the building is less than $10,000.00 the security is a minimum of $150.00. If the building $10,000.00 or more the security deposit is 20% of the cost of the building.

It depends on the roof style, it can either be a Gambrel or “A” Frame:
Gambrel Style: 8′ Wide is 11′ 3″, 10′ Wide is 11′ 9″, 12′ Wide is 12′ 1″.
“A” Frame Style: 8′ Wide is 9′ 4″, 10′ Wide is 10′ 1″, 12′ Wide is 10′ 3″.

The roofing has a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years. 40 year roofing is available for an additional charge.

Each county has their own requirements which are dependent on the size of the building. Under a certain size building, no permit is required.

County permits come with a fee and usually requires engineered drawings with foundations plans, tie down plans and either concrete foundation footings or a concrete pad.

Delivery dates vary depending on the current workloads, as well as other variables. Our sales force can give you that information. Orders can also be expedited for an additional cost.

For the buildings sided with T-111 siding, you will have to re stain the outside every 2-4 years depending on the altitude and if it is in the shade or open to the sun. If you chose the “Smart Siding” and apply two coats of a quality 20-year paint, your maintenance will be minimal for the next 15-20 years.

All our standard buildings are rated for 30 (PSF) pounds per square foot.

Pre-Delivery Checklist

To ensure that the delivery goes as smooth as possible, this checklist will help you prepare the location for your new building!

Measure Space

Research county code on setbacks/permitting and take measurements.

Mark Area

Use spray paint to mark where
you want us to place your building.

Measure Gate/Fence

Ensure that gate openings are wide enough to get through and that gates are unlocked at time of delivery. Minimum Width: building’s width + 1 ft.

Septic Tank

IMPORTANT! Know the location of your septic tank to prevent damage if driven across.

Clear Obstacles

Check site for overhanging tree limbs, eaves, sand. Clearance Measurements: 2 ft.

Clear Path

Clear a path to the location site of the building.

Level the Ground

More level ground provides higher contact to the building resulting in less settling. Ground must be level within 12”.

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To ensure that the delivery goes as smooth as possible, our pre-delivery checklist will help you prepare the location for your new building!