All containers are 8′ wide, 8 ½’ tall wall height, and have two doors with a lock box.

Due to volatile pricing and a material shortage, a surcharge will be added to the base price of all models until further notice.

Available Prices

Option Price
Hi Cube, 9 ½’ Tall Wall Height. $400.00
Double Doors with a Lock Box(Each End) $300.00
6’ Roll up Door* $650.00
8’ Roll up Door* $750.00

RTO Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate your RTO payment based on the total building price and your down payment. The maximum loan amount is $15,000. After entering a price, the minumum down payment will automatically calculate.

  • Buildings under $10,000 require a $150 security deposit plus 2 monthly RTO payments.
  • Buildings priced $10,000 and higher require a minimum down payment of 20%, or the amount needed to reduce the loan amount to $15,000.
* The estimated RTO payment does not include sales tax.

Standard Features

Optional Upgrades